Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Dear ISIL Girls... Really?

Women Abducted by the Islamic State Feared Trapped in Sexual Slavery

Had a recent spate of random terrorist attacks - 
Soldiers killed in Canada; a nut case with an axe -
ISIL doesn't know their names, and neither do they care;
Without even common ideologies they share.

It sure isn't Islam that these idiots fight for,
Nor is it for territory on some foreign shore,
Nor is it for human rights or common decency;
Only thing in common is barbaric lunacy.

ISIL's p.r. makes their war with Syrians and Kurds
Look as if it might be fun for Call of Duty nerds;
Guys who live in mother's basement and do not have friends,
Open to the nihilistic message ISIL sends.

What I do not understand, however, are the girls.
Knowing that these guys are rapists, murderers, and churls;
Holding females in contempt and selling them as slaves,
Why on earth would women choose to join them in their graves?

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