Friday, October 17, 2014

Thursday Night Football - Whew!

Patriots are 5 and 2.  Last night we beat the Jets
And I can be happy 'cause I'm not someone who bets.
For, although New England won, we didn't win by much.
Luckily the Defense, finally, came through in the clutch.

Didn't cover point spreads, though. We gave up lots of yards.
New York had no trouble getting players past our guards.
Any time they got the ball they marched it up the field...
But they, mostly, settled for the 3 points field goals yield.

Only one thing pains me now; I have to eat my words
Since I've said that Danny Amendola's for the birds.
Last night he did everything and did it very well.
Still, at least I'm not the Jets - whose season's shot to hell.

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