Thursday, October 30, 2014

Thank God for DVRs

Midterms are 5 days away - 'though not too many care.
Hard to miss the fact they're coming; ads are everywhere.
T.V. spots and mailings, phone calls; my in-box is full.
There is not a soul who isn't sick of all this bull...

Thank God for our D.V.R. or else I'd be insane.
These commercials for the candidates are such a pain.
They've become a running joke as we go zipping by;
Coakley hates our children, Baker's not our kind of guy.

Scott Brown is a carpet-bagger, Jean Shaheen's a stooge...
And the campaigns' advertising bills have gotten huge.
Still, I'd bet they haven't reached as many as they'd planned;
Voters without D.V.R.s have switched to On Demand.

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