Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Dear Fellow NaPoWriMo2014 Participants... Welcome

Graphic courtesy of NaPoWriMo.net

30 poems, 30 days; a month of poetry.
Last year I completed 30...  This year? We will see.
I'm already sure that there are 2 days I'll be gone.
I'll be off and running well before the crack of dawn.

I will try to post 2 rhymes the next time that I'm back.
They will not be poetry.  I do not have the knack.
Poets can distill a thought with language - make it pure.
I've just got the rhyming bug and, sadly, there's no cure.

My blog tells the news in rhyme but poetry it's not.
They're the product of this Seussilitis thing I've got.
I cannot write poetry because I'm not profound...
Still, I'm pretty good at rhyming.  Hope you'll stick around.

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