Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Harsh Master of the Game

Don't know why New England fans are mad at Brandon Spikes.
I would guess that anyone Bill Belichick dislikes
Wouldn't find it easy to be playing football here.
Brandon made a joke on Twitter now he's naught to fear.

"4 years as a slave," he tweeted, yesterday, with glee.
Brandon left us for the Bills.  He says he's finally free.
Patriots don't like it when their players take a poke.
(Belichick benched Welker for his Ryan fetish joke.)

Bill is not all "warm and friendly..."  Not a "people guy."
But that isn't why New England loves him.  I won't lie;
He would scare me half to death and part way to the grave.
Still, I wouldn't call 3 million bucks a year a slave.


  1. im with you mrs smeeg, the patriots credo is "bills will be done". hey, it works exceedingly well, amen.