Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Boston Marathon Bombings' One Year Anniversary

Marathon survivor and Chelmsford native, Jeff Bauman, just released a new book.
Just a year since Boston was attacked - but it feels longer.
Terrorism didn't win...  It only made us stronger.
'though we saw the worst of man we, mostly, saw the best.
Cowardice of 2 young men made heroes of the rest.

Strangers rushed to render aid to victims of the blast;
I have never seen so many people move that fast.
We will always mourn the three who died that April day;
That's a sense of loss and grief that hasn't gone away.

Yet, how many more were saved by strangers from the crowd
Rushing in to help the wounded?  They made Boston proud.
Didn't hurt that local hospitals are world renowned;
Better care for trauma victims couldn't have been found.

On this anniversary I dedicate my rhyme
To those brave survivors; praying that they'll heal with time...
Knowing that - for them - a single year is not that long;
Hoping they will lean on us, 'cause we are Boston Strong.

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