Thursday, April 03, 2014

Tooting My Own Horn

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Please feel free to skip this rhyme; just tooting my own horn.
Normally, I do not like to brag, so I was torn.
Still, I'd like to share it so I'll screw humility;
Poet Spotlight's featured poet for the month is me.

I was thrilled when I was asked (although it's a mistake)
There's a hundred poets more deserving of this break.
I am not a poet; I just have a knack for rhyme
And, before you ask, I didn't pay this guy a dime.

When I tried to warn him that his judgement was impaired,
Wanting to insure his reputation would be spared,
Brian didn't change his mind (at least, he hasn't yet)
Clearly, he's still unaware of how bad this could get.

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  1. why doesnt this ladys work get published in her local newspaper?