Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Dear CDC... There's Something Wrong at FOX

It's time to stop playing games. (Card/Courtesy of Allseeingeye2012.blogspot.com)

I've begun to worry that there's something wrong at FOX;
Something in the air that leaves you dumber than an ox.
Maybe it's the water - but the toxic atmosphere
Puts the friends of FOX at risk.  The evidence is clear.

Look at poor Sean Hannity...  The man has lost his mind:
Interviewing any crazy person he can find,
Calling for an insurrection by the nuts with guns
If they grow unhappy with the way the country runs.

I fear it's contagious 'cause I've watched the symptoms spread,
Permeating sufferers with governmental dread,
Causing paranoia and a blindness to the facts.
It is time the Centers for Disease Control team acts.

There's still hope for Hannity's recovery... Look at Beck.
By the time that Glenn left FOX the poor man was a wreck.
He's improving - slowly - though his brain was, almost, mush.
CDC must find the problem's source. (I'd start with Rush.)

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