Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Unsolicited Advice for House Republicans - Knock it Off

(Courtesy of Newsbusters.org)

Yesterday a million people clicked healthcare.gov
Said that they'd sign 7 million up; they've gone above.
It's almost miraculous that they've achieved their goals.
But it's still unpopular according to the polls.

Data show that people want the things in A.C.A.
Problem is too many feel they can't afford to pay.
Yes, it makes insurance better but it still ain't cheap
(Unlike certain policies that people couldn't keep.)

I will grant that there are problems still, but it's a start.
Wish the so called "loyal opposition" did its part.
GOP keeps voting to repeal it even though
If you ask what they'd replace it with, they do not know.

These are problems Congress could be fixing in a snap
If the House Republicans would, finally, cut the crap.
That's enough of trying to repeal the A.C.A.
What is it they're trying to accomplish, anyway?

If they want to make a point, I'd say the point's been made.
Look how they've succeeded, everybody's nerves are frayed.
Since they've made it clear that they don't have a better plan,
It is time to move along and fix the things they can.


  1. why cant our politicians see how plain old common sense can achieve everyones goals. it appears they are afraid to move on to other important issues that this country should be addressing.

    1. The issues that we need addressed
      Leave GOP voters distressed.
      It's likelier that
      They'll eat their own hat
      Before they'd see A.C.A. blessed.