Monday, April 28, 2014

Spotlight Interview

POET spotlight
Facebook's POET Spotlight fell on me this month.

Who am I?

Also known as Mrs. Smeej; a mother and a wife.
Live in Massachusetts and enjoy suburban life;
Sister, daughter, golfer, and a junky for the news.
Sufferer of Seussilitis - hence, I rhyme my views.

I have got the rhyming bug. I caught it years ago.
(Pity the afflicted; we could be someone you know.)
It is very catchy so be careful or, like me,
You'll find there's no cure for this back at the CDC.

Why do I love poetry?

I'm a fan of poetry though, poet I am not.
(Seussilitis symptoms caused my mind to start to rot)
Poems are like gourmet meals. My rhymes? A junk-food snack.
Poets have great talents... What I've got's a silly knack.

So, I envy poets - they are thoughtful and profound.
All my rhyming does is prove I'm mentally unsound.
What I do to language poets must regard as crime.
Poetry seeks deeper truths; all I can do is rhyme.

When did I start writing?

Once I was a normal person, then I caught this bug.
Started with the Red Sox (before they had beards to tug)
Back on Steve King's Message Board is where it all began;
Got into a rhyming duel against a Yankees fan.

Other people started rhyming; it began to spread.
Seussilitis outbreak messed with everybody's head.
I felt very guilty that I'd made so many sick;
Figured I would spare them - hoped a blog would do the trick.

What are my goals?

Only goal I have right now is making rhyming pay;
Haven't got it figured out but, surely, there's a way.

Poets I love?

If you're from New England, educated in our schools,
There are poets you must like... It says so in the rules:
Dickinson and Emerson and, always, Robert Frost.
When I'm reading Whittier, however, I get lost.

Where do I get my inspiration?

I get inspiration when I'm driving in my car;
Usually I'm listening to local NPR.
Sometimes it's the Patriots or other local sports,
Sometimes it's my children or the nightly news reports.

I don't really pick the thing that sparks the latest rhyme;
Something clicks inside my head in its own damn good time.
Once I have the topic then the words just seem to flow...
Diarrhea of the mind (as you, by now, should know.)

Do I have any advice?

I'm not very comfortable with offering advice;
Don't know what I'm doing and, besides - it isn't nice.
Rhymers shouldn't try to tell real poets what to do...
I think it's more likely I'd get good advice from you.

Other forms?

When I'm feeling pressured for time,
My blog still requires a rhyme.
A poet, like you,
Might offer haiku
While I find the limerick's sublime.

The ideal environment to write in?

Seussilitis symptoms only seem to manifest
Early in the morning; once the gang is gone is best -
Or, depending on the way you look at things, the worst -
I'm not really sure if it's a blessing or I'm cursed...

Which brings up the final question; Where would this world be
If it didn't have the room for lunatics like me
Or for those of you who open windows into souls?
Life without such poetry would leave some gaping holes.

Thank you for the honor of this Spotlight, Mr. Stark.
I am very flattered and, for me, it's been a lark.

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  1. why isnt this non poet (as she claims) not published , at least in my daily newspaper? I look foreward to her daily rymes and im sure others would like them too. its like a friendly chat with a friend. how about it lowell sun?