Wednesday, April 09, 2014

At The Miriam

(Photo of Miriam Hospital courtesy of
Hospitals are not the place you want to spend your day,
Even if it's raining and the sky is dark and gray,
Even when the doctor's skilled and all the staff is kind,
Somewhere else you'd rather be would not be hard to find.

That's if you're the patient who is having surgery...
When you love that person, there is no place else to be.
So, if I should miss a rhyme, I hope you'll understand
Sometimes things do not turn out exactly as we planned.

'though I hope to get around to posting 30 rhymes,
Be aware - you may observe a gap or two, at times.
And, if you are sitting in a hospital somewhere,
You have all my sympathy.  I've offered up a prayer.

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