Wednesday, April 02, 2014

"No-one's Ever Lost Money Betting Against Peace in the Middle East"

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Israelis and Palestinians are on the outs...
Secretary Kerry wants to soothe them.  I've my doubts.
Israel's reneged on deals to set some prisoners free.
Talks are breaking down because the 2 sides can't agree.

Netanyahu doesn't trust Abbas (who feels the same.)
Currently, they both insist the other guy's to blame.
Palestinians are angry, and they have a right
Watching new Israeli settlements grow overnight.

Now Abbas is saying he'll appeal to the U.N.
That derails the framework talks and nothing happens then.
Kerry's gone to see if there's another thing to try;
Rumor says we might release an old Israeli spy.

If we plan to free their spy we should get something back;
Major issues needing breakthroughs aren't a thing we lack.
Make them stop the settlements and honor deals they've made;
If there aren't concessions then it isn't worth the trade.

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