Monday, March 31, 2014

Opening Day - 2014

Bands are playing somewhere, weather's warm, and hearts are light.
Baseball season's starting; it's the first game of the year.
Somewhere fans need sunscreen at the ball park, but not here.

Here the rain is falling and, at times, it's mixed with sleet.
Not the kind of day for watching baseball teams compete.
Red Sox are in Baltimore with Lester on the mound:
Tuesday at the White House, 2 more games, then homeward bound.

Friday is their Opener at Fenway...  If you hold
Tickets for that game, then bundle up. It will be cold.
I have gone to Openers when they're predicting snow.
Fenway can be freezing when those ocean breezes blow.

That will not stop Red Sox fans because we're Boston Strong.
When they wave the banner and start singing Tessie's song,
Even if the sun is shining warmly down elsewhere,
It's the kind of moment Fenway's Faithful want to share.

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