Thursday, April 17, 2014

Question Authorities

The mother of one of the missing victims of the ferry disaster in South Korea. (Photo/

Hundreds are still missing and the hopes for rescue shrank
As a second night descended on the tragic scene.
I feel my heart breaking...  I'm the mother of a teen.

There are some survivors.  They ignored what they were told;
Left their cabins, put on vests, and braved the bitter cold.
Those who were obedient went back into their room;
Listened to authorities who sent them to their doom.

On the day the towers fell they also said to wait.
Those who listened to instructions left it 'til too late.
Maybe we should teach our kids the first thing to be done
If the shit has hit the fan - drop everything and run.

Don't let someone tell them things are going to be fine.
When the threat is serious don't meekly fall in line.
Question the authorities 'cause they're not always right.
Run goddammit! Save yourself - and me - from such a plight.

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