Sunday, April 06, 2014

Imagine That

Hippies. (Photo/Courtesy of

"Imagine there's no countries...  No religion," Lennon said.
Dared to be dreamer until someone shot him dead.
'though his vision for the world is one I'd like to join,
Real life comes around with news that kicks you in the groin.

Borderlines imposed on lands and cultures not our own
Only led to conflicts and the conflict's only grown.
Fortune, faith, and fighting fit like 3 peas in a pod...
Wars fought over resources or someone's "One, true God."

Africa, the Middle East, now Russia and Ukraine;
But I always wonder what these countries think they'll gain.
I know what their leaders get; their pockets lined with cash.
Never mind the refugees left picking through the trash.

Lennon had a good imagination...  So do I.
But I can't imagine what would happen should we try
Implementing even one of Lennon's fondest dreams,
Faced with such a plethora of power grabbing schemes.

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