Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Unsolicited Advice for Senator Elizabeth Warren

Available now in bookstores and on Amazon.

Massachusetts' Senator (of whom we're rather proud)
On a tour to sell her book's begun to draw a crowd.
There are calls for her to run for President next time
But, as her constituent, my free advice (in rhyme);

Dear Elizabeth; May I suggest that you should wait.
Keep on doing what you are - a credit to this state.
Build up more alliances and stick it to the banks...
Something that you're doing well at now, Ma'am.  Many thanks.

Hillary is gonna run for President, I'd bet.
She will get the nomination; you're not ready yet.
Not to say that, if you ran, that you would not be great.
But the best that you could hope for?  Clinton's running-mate.

Senate needs a leader who will do the People's work -
Someone who knows where the money merchants tend to lurk...
Work that you are doing now is vital to us all;
If they try to draft you Senator? Don't take their call.


  1. Great Verse- I loved it. I just don't agree with the basic premise. Hillary, Bill, Wall Street and the banks are in bed together. Hillary is no friend of people making less than $100,000 a year. She also is a war-monger; wars are good for Wall Street the banks and big industry (not to mention mention oil). We desperately need a true progressive to help us under un-rig the economy. Hillary needs to hear that she must change BFFs!

    1. Bram, I'm glad you liked the rhyme (if not the point of view)
      But, although I must admit that what you say is true,
      Warren shouldn't choose to run a race she cannot win;
      It would hurt her chances later if she does get in.