Monday, April 14, 2014

The Russian Example - Watch Your Step Canada
Ukraine.  (Courtesy of/

Ukraine is preparing for the Russians to invade,
Just like in Crimea - where they "intervened," then stayed.
Ethnic Russian speakers have invited Putin in
Which would start a war that the Ukrainians can't win.

Putin may decide it's worth the cost and go ahead.
There's already fighting in the streets, with people dead.
This provides the pretext that the Russians may yet use,
Having calculated that they don't have much to lose.

Well aware the West won't go to war to save Ukraine,
They're prepared to suffer future, economic pain.
I don't think they realize how bad that pain could get
But I know that sanctions haven't stopped the Russians yet.

Right now it's not money that they're thinking of - it's pride.
Tried to see the situation from the other side;
But, it's like we'd seized Toronto, threatened Montreal,
And planned to take Southern Canada before the Fall.

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