Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Unsolicited Advice for Hillary 2016

Were I Mrs. Clinton, you could not pay me to run,
Even were I certain that I'd be the chosen one.
Tea Party Republicans and other Right Wing nuts
Have already made it clear how much they hate her guts.

Even now, before she's thrown her hat into the ring,
Limbaugh's claiming she arranged to have some loony fling
(At a speech) a shoe that almost hit Hil in the face...
Snidely adding Chelsea's child's a ploy to win the race.

Look at poor Obama, who's been hounded by the Right;
If you think he's had it bad however, wait and see
What would happen if the President were Hillary.


  1. imagine having a shoe to your face. when you ve yet to decide to enter the race.this country is filled with deadbeats and fools. the lack of comportment I blame on the schools. remember when Civics was a "must attend class?" and bad manners would get you a slap on the bottom?

    1. It's not just the schools we should blame
      But FOX's attempts to defame
      The folks on the left...
      And they're pretty deft
      At causing some tempers to flame.