Thursday, April 24, 2014

Dr. Seussilitis Does The SCOTUS Blog - Affirmative Action Editon

The Supreme Court of the United States voted to uphold Michigan's ban on Affirmative Action. (Cartoon/Courtesy of

SCOTUS ruled, at 6 to 2, that voters get to choose
If there's a protection that minorities should lose.
Michigan decided that Admissions at a school
Cannot factor race when they're selecting from their pool.

Justice Sonia Sotomayor strongly disagreed;
Said the program's one that some minorities still need.
On this issue, I am still unsure how I should feel:
Knowing that the evidence for racism is real,

Wanting to be helpful (it's the Irish Catholic guilt)
Being proud of the protections that the 60s built.
Is that condescending to a person 'cause they're black;
Just assuming I've got some advantages they lack?

That's where I'm uncomfortable. I don't know which side's right,
And I'll never, really know the answer, 'cause I'm white.
All I know is most of color think the program works
And, in their experience, the voters can be jerks.

Aren't we all about protecting the minority?
Not as if they're asking for a lot, it seems to me...
Just consideration of a little more than grades
'til the scar our history has inflicted on them fades. 

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