Thursday, June 20, 2013

Because It's The Cup

Blackhawks tied the series up last night in overtime.
I cannot be blamed because I didn't write a rhyme.
When I write a rhyme before a Bruins game, they lose.
Then I have to suffer through my sons' and husband's "Boos!"

Game 4 was amazing; final score was 6 to 5.
Both teams at the Garden kicked it in to overdrive.
Each time that the Blackhawks scored the Bruins scored one, too.
It was nearly midnight when the hockey game was through.

Chara and Brad Marchand - he's "The Little Ball of Hate" -
Lucic, Boychuk, Peverley and Bergeron were great.
Tuukka was still very good...  He made outstanding saves
But he had some trouble stopping Seabrook, Kane, and Toews.

Game 5, in Chicago, on the Blackhawks' home town ice,
Both teams knowing that, to hoist the Cup, they must win twice.
I'd be wishing Boston luck if I were not afraid
I would jinx the Bruins before Game 5's even played.

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