Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Backyard Wildlife


We get lots of wildlife in the backyard of our house
And, no...  I'm not talking just your average, country mouse.
We get deer.  I've seen a fox.  We've even had a bear.
Right now it's a turkey with her 7 chicks out there.

Yard is always full of rabbits; I've seen 10 or more.
There's a good sized snake who's living under my front door.
My mom won't come in that way because she's scared of snakes.
She would rather take the stairs, despite arthritic aches.

We have got coyotes, too.  I see them now and then.
There's a lot of woods out back where they can make their den.
Our dog won't stop barking when they get too close and howl.
When it comes to predators, I much prefer our owl.

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