Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Dear Bruins... Thank You

Boston Bruins Bruins Logo

 Now that there has been a chance to cool emotions down
And Chicago's Blackhawks got a head-start out of town;
Now the shock of Game 6' final seconds has sunk in;
Now that I am reconciled that my team didn't win,

Thank you Boston Bruins for a most exciting ride,
Even though the Stanley Cup left with the other side.
Bruins were amazing and they did the city proud;
Boston Strong for all of us - not just the hockey crowd.

Hockey players on the ice with broken ribs or legs.
Stitched 'em up and sent 'em back and drained 'em to the dregs.
Trust me, I've got nothing for the Bruins now but love.
Not their fault that Crawford learned (at last) to use his glove.

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