Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Race for the Senate - Massachusetts Edition

R.D. Sahl moderated this final debate.  (Photo/AP/Meredith Nierman)

Nothing's changed for me; Ed Markey's still my candidate.
I'm an independent, 'though I lean towards Democrat
So, for me, the case that Gomez tries to make falls flat.

I don't want to give Republicans another win...
They refuse to compromise; my patience has worn thin.
If Gomez is someone Mitch McConnell would support,
One more vote for members of the Tea Party to court,

He is not the man who should be representing me.
There's so many issues where we two do not agree...
He's been too aggressive and I haven't liked his tone.
Recent polls show Markey up, so I am not alone.

Plus, Gomez seems unaware of how the Congress works...
I prefer that Markey doesn't  compromise with jerks.
Gomez may be just the guy to have in your lifeboat;
For the U.S. Senate seat?  Ed Markey has my vote.

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