Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Plymouth State University's Freshmen Orientation


Going up to Plymouth State for 2 days with my son.
It's where he'll be going now his high school days are done.
He will meet some faculty and learn his way around.

Parents and new freshmen are supposed to spend the night
But, it seems, my son prefers that I stay out of sight.
He "forgot" to tell the school that I'd be staying, too.
I believe I've been insulted...  Really.  Wouldn't you?

That's okay 'cause there's a lovely inn just down the road.
I'll drop by to pay his bills if there's tuition owed;
I'll try not to be a nudge so he'll be glad I came...
Meanwhile, I'll be at the pool - or bar - to watch the game.

(Let's go Bruins)

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