Friday, June 14, 2013

PSU Freshmen Orientation (Update)

My trip down memory lane leads through Franconia Notch.

Just got back from Plymouth State and, 'though I didn't stay,
And although New Hampshire's sky was overcast and gray;
'though my plans for where to spend the night had fallen through;
'though my son kept ditching me for something else to do,

Staff and students at the school were helpful, fun and kind.
Made us all feel welcome and their speaker was a find.
He helped me to realize - this trip was for my son,
And his mother's presence stood between the kid and fun.

If he felt obliged to hang with me he might miss out
On the whole experience the visit was about.
He'd already met new friends, seemed settled in, and so
It became apparent it was time for me to go.

Hugged and kissed my son good-bye and drove North on Route 3,
All the way to where New Hampshire's Old Man used to be.
Went back to The Woodstock Inn...  It's changed in 30 years;
Still an inn but now it's mostly famous for its beers.

I got back to P.S.U. for Thursday's barbeque
And remain convinced that leaving was the thing to do.
My son had an "awesome time" and, now, can hardly wait
'til the day his college life begins at Plymouth State.

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