Friday, June 28, 2013

A Hell of a Week in Boston Sports

What the hell?  (Photo/
For New England sports fans, it has been a shocking week;
Former tight-end for the Pats - shipped up the fabled creek -
As a suspect in a murder, they've denied him bail.
Put cuffs on Hernandez and then hauled him off to jail.

We were all still reeling 'cause we'd lost the Stanley Cup;
Wishing doctors luck as they patched Bergeron back up.
Just begun to overcome the fact the Blackhawks won;
Moving on to baseball after hockey season's done.

Now, instead, there's murder charges... One young man is dead
And I heard, last night, as I was getting in to bed
There were 2 more murders that police have never solved.
Now they're thinking that Hernandez may have been involved.

Then - to add the cherry to this sundae made of crap -
I just heard they blew the Celtics up and I may snap.
Doc and Paul and Kevin gone and all that Boston gets?
Future draft positions? We just gave them to the Nets.

...  You need to beware - 'cause I'm gonna swear  ...

In this blog I try to keep it clean and never swear,
But this music video that I would like to share
Is profane enough to make this former sailor wince,
Yet...  It made me laugh and toes' been tapping ever since.

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