Tuesday, June 04, 2013

The Boston Bruins - 2-0!

Crosby keeps looking for a fight.  Don't give it to him.  (Photo/Bleacher Report)
I confess to lack of faith and so I was surprised
When, at less than 30 seconds in, I realized
Bruins weren't just lucky when they won the other night;
They've won 2 because they're good at keeping passes tight.

They just beat the Penguins 'cause our defense has been great
And because our stars are smart enough to leave the bait.
They've ignored the constant, sneaky, "chippy", little shoves...
Won't be goaded into fights; they're keeping on their gloves.

They have won because our brilliant goalie - Tuukka Rask -
Once again, has proven that he's equal to the task.
Game 3 is tomorrow night on Boston Bruins' ice;
I have no illusions that, because we beat them twice,

Pittsburgh's Penguins can't come back to win - the Flyers did.
It is at our peril we forget the Crosby kid.
He may not be scoring now, but that ain't gonna last...
Let's pray that the Boston Bruins beat the Penguins fast.

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