Monday, June 24, 2013

Newburyport Doesn't Rhyme


 Where the cold Atlantic meets the mighty Merrimack,
I drove down to memory lane; went looking for a snack.
I can still remember when we'd all go into town...
Now it's filled with pretty shops; old buildings not knocked down.

They have built a lovely park and brick-lined, winding streets:
Galleries and gift shops, ice cream...  Winfrey's Fudge and sweets.
Went to Michael's Harborside for drinks out on the deck.
Had their famous lobster-roll and I ate every speck.

I spent all my summers on Plum Island as a child.
Saying things have changed a lot since then would be too mild.
Took my brother up to see how much the island's changed;
When I tried describing it he thought I was deranged

He could not believe his eyes - was nearly moved to tears.
Almost all the beach has disappeared in 20 years.
I can just imagine how much worse the guy would feel
If grandmother Lynch had been prepared to take the deal.


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