Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The State of the Union

President Obama said the Union's growing strong...
Judging by Republicans' response, he could be wrong.
I saw little evidence that they intend to try;
They seem too determined to let chances slip right by.

Never mind the fact that most economists insist
Government investment isn't something to resist.
Never mind that Europe proves austerity won't work.
They would play the Klingons to Obama's Captain Kirk.

He would like to boldly go and steer a middle course;
He could keep on talking to them until he grows hoarse.
Last night the Republicans all sat upon their hands.
Wonder if the President completely understands

He will find few partners who will step across the aisle?
I don't think John Boehner got that memo though, 'cause he
Was his party's poster boy for animosity.

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