Thursday, February 28, 2013

The New England Patriots - Tom Brady is the Man

 And still he held on to the ball.

Maybe I have mentioned, once or twice, that I'm a fan
Of New England's Patriots...  Tom Brady is the man.
His contract extension pays him less than what he's worth;
All he asks is that Wes Welker's guaranteed a berth.

(Doesn't seem a lot to ask since Welker always proves
He's a star performer who has not yet lost his moves.
There are no excuses now; just give him what he asks.
Who else has been able to assume such thankless tasks?

Welker runs the kick-offs back; gets free for Brady's pass.
Last year made it very clear he isn't out of gas.)
Just like Tedy Bruschi, Brady's made it plain that he
Plans to stay and lead the Patriots to victory.

I believe that this should settle any more debate
(Not to knock the other quarterbacks considered great)
Didn't care about the money, only winning games;
Brady proves he's number one among those famous names.

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