Monday, February 11, 2013

Drone Strikes and Due Process


As a former member of the military, I
More than understand why drones are authorized to fly;
Maybe save a soldier's life with less civilian loss.
No trials for al-Qaeda members? I don't give a toss.

If your aim is to destroy America then, fine;
You have just declared yourself at war with me and mine.
Am I truly horrified when innocents are killed?
Yes.  Despite the fact our troops are trained and highly skilled

People on the side-lines in a war zone tend to die;
Whether by stray bullets or a bomb dropped from the sky.
I suspect that fewer people die when we use drones
And, no matter how much that the ACLU moans,

'though we skipped due process when we killed a citizen
It was not a question if  he'd try something, but when
Still, it's not a bad idea if, when the next drone flew
It was first submitted to some judges for review.

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