Friday, February 22, 2013

The Boston Red Sox - Call Me Cassandra

This is what's left of the ancient city of Troy. (Photo/National Geographic)

Hate to play Cassandra here...  A prophetess of doom,
Faced with disbelief when warning that disasters loom.
You can call me crazy (and you wouldn't be the first)
But, I've grown convinced that Boston's Red Sox have been cursed.

Tried to warn you last year and I'm sorry I was right...
Even worse, but Jet Blue Park is still  the Yankees' site.
That's some major mojo that's been used against our Sox;
Cursed before the team has even gotten off the blocks.

Sports gods are capricious, like the Grecian gods of old.
When they turn away from you your favorite team gets cold.
Look what happened last year and then  tell me that I'm wrong.
And remember Troy; Cassandra warned them all along.

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