Monday, February 04, 2013

The NRA - WTF? (Wants to Forget)

Since the Newtown massacre the NRA has tried
To deflect attention from the numbers who have died.
(Meanwhile we Americans run out and purchase guns...
Makes me want to swear but I am still afraid of nuns.)

This is what a lobbyist can do when they have cash;
Politicians are afraid the NRA will thrash
Anyone who even tries to bring the issue up.
Is the NRA creating paranoia? Yup.

Once they thought that background checks for everyone was cool;
Advocated for a weapons-free zone at a school.
Now  they say that any list allows our government
To disarm its citizens - with little effort spent.

Now  they want to arm our teachers.  My, how things have changed.
Fostering conspiracies appears to be his aim.
Cash is needed if we hope to beat him at his game.

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