Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Across the Pond - Afghanistan's Chi Boys

A Chi boy "entertains" local police commanders. (Photo/Getty Images)

It's incontrovertible; the Taliban won't die.
They'll be back in power when the U.S. says good-bye.
Hard to blame Afghanistan; they've gone from bad to worse.
It's as if that country's been afflicted with a curse.

Riddled with corruption, their police force is a joke;
Pederasts who's minds are rotted by the drugs they smoke,
Arguing that little boys enjoy a soldier's life
And they must screw someone when they aren't with their wife.

NATO forces know the truth; I'm sure it makes them sick.
Cannot fix a broken culture - haven't learned the trick.
Something, though, is very wrong when it's the Taliban
That's the lesser of two evils in Afghanistan.

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