Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pope Benedict XVI Stepping Down


Benedict the 16th is retiring as Pope;
Says his health and age have made it difficult to cope
With his many duties as the earthly voice of God...
Laying down his crozier (that long and gilded rod),

Taking off his mitre (it's that tall and pointy hat),
Stepping down from Peter's throne.  I can't imagine that.
Popes die in the traces; they are not supposed to quit.
People in the Twitter-sphere have been all over it:

"First time that a German's ever volunteered to leave,"
"Someone poached #exBenedict."  Some Catholics believe
This means that the Church will start to modernize, at last;
Stop discriminating against women...  Not so fast.

If you know the Church at all (as I suspect I do)
You'd know that the Pontif-ex appointed quite a few
Of the Cardinals who will be gathering in Rome
Where they will decide who'll call the Papal Office home.

They may choose a Spanish-speaker or an African;
One thing I can guarantee, however - it's a man.
It would take a miracle if anyone they pick
Says that priests need hearts and souls and faith and not a....  Uhmmm.
Male genitalia.

The Vatican was struck by lightning the night the Pope announced his retirement.  Really.

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