Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day


Back when we were newlyweds my husband got the drift;
He would be in trouble coming home without a gift.
I don't ask for diamonds and I'm not a fan of gold,
All I ask is he remember (without being told)

That a rose or dinner - or perhaps a little card -
Leads to happiness at home. I ask you, what's so hard?
Usually he's very smart, but once was not too swift
Coming in the door - no card - and I got pretty miffed.

Seems that he'd believed me when I'd said that it was fine;
I knew that he loved me... Didn't need a Valentine.
Silly man! He thought that he'd been given a free pass.
(When it comes to romance he can be a horse's ass.)

I was calm - collected - and I didn't say a word.
But, in that extended silence, message clearly heard.
As I've said, he's pretty smart... He learned his lesson then.
  I can guarantee you - it has not happened again.

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