Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Across the Pond - Rape


Think rape victims have it bad in these United States;
Stuck with politicians being stupid in debates?
Women in the Middle East and northern Africa,
India and, worst of all, the ones in Syria

Raped as part of strategy in someone's gruesome war
Or, if they report a rape, they're treated like a whore.
Even those who wear a veil - are covered head to toe -
Know that there are places in their countries they can't go,

Like a busy city street or movies with a friend.
Even if you don't get raped they're pinching your rear end.
Treated like an object; just a way to scratch an itch,
Think it's time that women over there began to bitch.

Veils have not protected them from violence and rape.
Women have to organize and help their nations shape
Future legislation guaranteeing rights for girls...
Women need their laws to start protecting them from churls.

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