Thursday, February 21, 2013

Dear Washington, D.C. ... Unsolicited Advice for the Sequestration

I'm talking to all of you... Don't make me come over there.
Here's what drives me crazy with this impasse on The Hill;
It's a demonstration that there is no more good will.
All our politicians know that sequestration's dumb,
Yet no one will give the other side a single crumb.

They would take a chainsaw to the budget - not a knife -
When we need a scalpel to prevent more fiscal strife.
No one wants to bear the brunt of partisan attack,
Too aware that someone waits to stab them in the back.

If they can't forge trust then they need courage (for a change).
Maybe that Grand Bargain's still something they can arrange.
Give them their means testing if they'll give you the tax code;
Anything is better than this constant crisis mode.

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