Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Massachusetts Republicans - Screwed?

Thanks, but no thanks?
Massachusetts cannot get Republicans to run;
Scott Brown, Bill Weld - even Tagg (Mitt Romney's eldest son)
All declined to make a try for Kerry's Senate seat...
Do not want to work their toches off for a defeat.

It's an uphill battle for their Party in my state.
Any chances that will change aren't looking really great.
With these major players out, their Party's in a pinch.
Seems Ed Markey only needs to get by Stephen Lynch.

Can't say that I blame Scott Brown - who lost a bruising race -
His decision proves he isn't just a pretty face.
Bet he runs for Governor and I predict he wins.
(We forgive Republicans a multitude of sins

When they're our Republicans - the Massachusetts kind -
Not the ones in Washington, who've clearly lost their mind.
We don't like to give those guys a solitary vote.)
I bet Scott Brown hasn't, yet, retired his barn coat.

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