Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Bitter Pill to Swallow

On news-stands now

Need your yearly dose of outrage? Read TIME magazine.
It's the best reporting on health care I've ever seen;
Written by a brilliant journalist named Steven Brill.
(Caution: You may need a doctor after Bitter Pill.)

Article dissects the items on some patients' bills.
What is compensation to our doctors for their skills?
What things cost a hospital and, then, how much they charge...
Profit margin turns out to be staggeringly large.

Pricing not related to an economic cost
Charged when you are sick and scared and feeling rather lost;
Caught up in the system, doing what the doctors say,
Last thing on your mind is any bills you'll have to pay.

Don't think I can recommend this article enough
Even though my stomach churned digesting all this stuff;
Veins are throbbing, head is sore from reading TIME's report...
If I have a heart attack I'll see those guys in court.

(P.S.  Dear Time;
I am only kidding folks; I'm not the suing kind;
But your recent article has really blown my mind.)

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