Friday, May 11, 2012

This Week in Boston Sports
Perhaps we were a (trifle) too cocky?
Summing up this week in Boston sports is not much fun.
Only good news to report is that the Celtics won;
Beat Atlanta's Hawks to make it to the second round.
They're the only Ray of light, in Boston, to be found.

Carl Beane - he's the Voice of Fenway - died; a heart attack.
Matt Light just retired; Brady's sure to feel his lack.
Seau's dead.  The Red Sox are imploding.  Holy crap!
Watched the news the other night and saw Josh Beckett snap.

He is taking lots of heat for playing golf when he
Should have been recovering from recent injury.
Fenway's Faithful booed him off the field and he was mad.
Can't say that I blame him; stuff like that makes me feel bad.

No team out there wants to lose.  Let's give the guys a break.
Give them time to work it out; watch basketball instead...
Thank God for the Celtics and the fact that you're not dead.

Carl Beane; the Voice of Fenway for the last 10 years, dead at age 59.

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