Wednesday, May 23, 2012

You Get What You Pay For? - Part II?

Charts are from the Senate Hearing on Income Inequality

 Anybody still believe the Nation doesn't need
Legislation to protect us all from Wall Street greed?
Facebook's shares have plummeted to 31 and change;
And it looks like Morgan Stanley managed to arrange

Special deals for wealthy folks...  You know - the 1%.
Don't know if the law was broke but looks like it was bent.
Meanwhile, all the rest of us (again) were on our own;
Well aware the gap between the rich and poor has grown

Out of all proportion to the contributions that
Benefit society...  I think I smell a rat.
Does that make me Socialist?  I never thought I was;
But, according to FOX News?  They're positive it does.


  1. You make really good points in your wonderful poem!

    1. I thank you again for the time
      You've wasted by reading my rhyme...
      But - poem it's not
      For, lest you forgot,
      What I do to words is a crime.