Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Across the Pond - China

Secretary of State Clinton (Photo credit: Associated Press)
Secretary Clinton is in China for the week
And things could get tricky when the two sides meet to speak.
Chinese have their problems; situation's pretty tense
After a blind lawyer they'd detained climbed out his fence.

No one's saying where he is but China thinks that we
Have him hiding, right now, in the U.S. Embassy.
When you add the scandal that's surrounding Xilai Bo
(Murder allegations, wire tapping) chances grow

Ever slimmer we will get concessions from them now
As they deal with changes more profound than those since Mao.
Balances of power at the top are shifting fast.
Maybe the reformers are ascending there, at last?

Either way, I'm betting that the Syrians are screwed.
(Sorry for the language there; I'm usually not rude
But, I'm so disgusted with the "peace plan" now in place.)
Think the Russian/Chinese stance about it's a disgrace.

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