Tuesday, May 08, 2012

God Bless The CIA

Underwear Bomb

Warning to the terrorists; they've got you in their sight.
Still, what is the deal with bombs in underwear? It's strange;
I would bet that  detonator's tricky to arrange.

Credit, though, where credit's due and thus, I have to say;
Job well done! They kept us safe. God bless the CIA.
(Bet they never worry how a bomb like that would feel
Sewn into their underwear, 'cause they've got balls of steel.)

Plus, have guys in Yemen never heard; the TSA
Took away our privacy on airplanes anyway?
If you're wearing diapers now - and past the age of 4 -
You'd have very little chance of getting through the door...

Not without a pat-down that would make a sailor blush
And, if someone starts in to complaining; tell 'em "Hush!
(Even those with leaky bladder syndrome like my aunt's)
"Sorry, but some morons wear explosives in their pants."

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