Thursday, May 10, 2012

Race for the White House - Profiles in Courage

President Obama Interview with Robin Roberts
President Obama expresses personal support for gay marriage in a recent interview with ABC.

In a recent interview, Obama said that he
Had been reassessing his views on equality.
Said that his opinion now's that marriages are for
Everyone who is committed - whether rich or poor,

Sick or well - 'til death do part... No matter if your mate
Has the same anatomy as yours.  Whatever. Great!
President has made me proud and has my full support.

Presidents don't go there; think he's showing leadership.
Can't go any farther when the Nation's in the grip
Of a massive culture war...  And that  road we've been down.
If he'd called for federal law they'd run him out of town.

And, in related news...

Wondering if Shepard Smith still has a job today?
Pretty sure that FOX employees aren't allowed to say
Anything that's positive about the President...
Last night though, Smith (like Obama) set new precedent.

Phrases like "courageous" and "historic" crossed his lips.
Careful Shep! I don't think Murdock likes those kinds of slips.
Fomenting another war between the North and South.

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