Thursday, May 03, 2012

The New England Patriots - In Memoriam; Junior Seau

Seau held the Lamar Hunt Trophy after the Patriots won the 2008 AFC Championship and advanced to the Super Bowl.
Junior Seau (1969 -2012) in happier times.  Photo credit: Reuters

Chargers, Dolphins, Patriots (the team for which I cheer)
Mourn the loss of Junior Seau; loved when he played here.
At the age of 43 - with 20 as a pro -
Seau's not the first to take his life this way, you know.

Football fans around the world, when told how Seau died,
Saddened - but not really shocked - to learn by suicide
(Junior, not too long ago, had driven off a cliff)
Faced the truth that penalties for players are too stiff.

Seau must have thought so too; he left his skull intact.
Pretty sure the autopsy will show that it's a fact
Almost every tackle does the brain an injury.

Don't know how we fix this; only know it must be done
I love football just as much as any other fan
But we have to change the game...  We owe it to the man.

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