Saturday, May 05, 2012

Race for the White House - Guantanamo Bay

Photo credit: Associated Press

 Some folks say Obama lied; they say he broke his word.
Didn't close Guantanamo - I think that that's absurd.
Every time he tried to shut it down he faced attacks.
Congress wouldn't let him move it to a Super Max.

But the hardest job right now, for military men,
Is the JAG's who has to step into the lion's den
And provide a strong defense for guys the CIA
Have detained, while classifying everything they say.

Have to give a trial that's fair to every detainee
O.B.L. is dead and gone - they buried him at sea.
Anything that these guys know is old, outdated stuff.
Give the JAG Corps guys a break; their job is tough enough.

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