Friday, May 25, 2012

The Boston Red Sox - Curt Schilling

Sure, I could have gone with the more recent (angry) pictures of Schilling - leaving meetings with Rhode Island's Governor, while offering no comments and scowling at the press - for this rhyme, but I like this picture better.

Former Red Sox pitching hero has been less than willing
To disclose his finances and so Rhode Island's killing
Off the deal they made with him to move him to their state.
Think he should have stuck to throwing strikes across the plate.

Studio put out a game that few folks want to play.
(I have seen some clips of it and thought the graphics thrilling.)
Sorry that it hasn't worked out well for Mr. Schilling

For, he has the loyalty a bloodied Sox has earned...
Still, a snarky part of me just grinned the day I learned
He supports the Tea Party so I can't understand
Why he got so angry after he went, hat in hand,

Asking for  a bailout and Rhode Island turned him down.
Locked his doors, turned off the lights...  It seems he's skipping town.
Hope he finds investors 'cause that multi-player game
Could put Schilling's Studio back on the road to fame.

Is he too ambitious? Maybe... That's the way it goes.
How else does one reach the Hall of Fame, do you suppose?
I've seen Schilling down before and watched him climbing back.
Given time, I'm positive, he'll soon be in the black.

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