Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mother's Day to my mom; Laurel.

Wishing Happy Mothers' Day to those of us with kids...
Even those, like me, who wish (at times) to open bids;
Sell the rotten child who's talking back to me... And then,
I remember why I love the stinker once again.

May be something simple like an extra hug or kiss...
Thank yous you do not expect; the fact they didn't miss
Telling you, on Mothers' Day, how special that you are.
Little things like that (with mothers) get you pretty far.

Hope your children don't forget... And, for the rest of you;
'though I'm not your mother and can't tell you what to do,
Still, I'd strongly recommend that you take my advice;
Call your mothers Sunday... And, some flowers would be nice.

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