Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Race for the White House - Across the Pond

Photo credit:  Associated Press

President Obama has received some recent flack;
Once again, the target of a partisan attack.
Romney says the choice to kill Bin Laden was a snap...
Angry that Obama seemed to take a victory lap.

I did not see any ships or flight-suits on the man,
Where, again, he thanked the troops; saluted SEAL Team 6.

Romney once claimed capturing Osama wasn't worth
U.S. forces trying to move heaven and the earth
Going into Pakistan; but - now - he says he would.
Won't acknowledge that the President did something good.

Mr. S. accuses me of favoring a side.
It is his opinion every politician's lied.
Says the fact Republicans, of late, have made me nuts,
While forgetting Democrats all hated Bush's guts,

Means I'm being partisan; as bad as FOX and Friends.
I think he's too cynical, for one side clearly bends
All the facts to "talking points" they parrot endlessly.
"Spiking footballs"? They should check the mirror, seems to me.


  1. Excellent poem. Exactly my thoughts. Well done!

    1. Why, thank you again. You're too kind.
      I always rhyme what's on my mind.
      But, as for well done?
      Your rhymes are more fun.'s site's such a find.